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In 2002, Maggie was first introduced to Strengths-based development – and became an instant fan.  As a manager of a team of very diverse people, Maggie quickly realized the value of focusing on people’s natural talents.  She has witnessed the power of a Strengths-based approach and has helped organizations, individuals, managers, teams and students become the very best they can be.  


Strengths-based coaching has been around for decades.  First developed by Gallup scientist Don Clifton (and later renamed Clifton Strengths), this approach for development is used by more than 450 of Fortune 500 companies.  But it’s not just for big companies.  Maggie’s focus is Management in small to mid-size companies.  Why Management?  Because managers have the most difficult job in any company and their ability to develop their teams are directly related to a company’s success.


Maggie’s passion for coaching comes from her own strengths which include developing people, maximizing teams, bringing a positive approach and having an innate ability to understand how people can “fit” to be the most productive and happiest they can be.


Maggie is available to for individual or group consulting. Maggie helps contributor to discover their natural talents and uses this knowledge to build a more productive team that values each distinct identity expertise, and skill set.  



Executive Consulting

Maggie clients are leaders and executives from a variety of organizations including marketing, non-profit, manufacturing, higher education, and hospitality.  Her strengths-based leadership approach focuses on the four needs of followers and teaches executives to understand, appreciate and aim their strengths toward personal and professional excellence.

Individual coaching work, family, relationships

Coaching individuals rarely mean focusing on one area of a person’s life.  Maggie leverages her strengths-based approach to help people appreciate how their God-given talents show up in all aspects of their lives and how to invest in those strengths to live a happier, more fulfilling life.

Organization/Team Coaching

A strong proponent of investing in an organization's human capital, Maggie works with organizations and teams to help them understand that differences are good.  Teams are made up of people who all bring something different to the table.  Maggie’s approach teaches teams to truly understand what they bring as well as their peers, bosses and direct reports.  As a result of creating a highly engaged team, Maggie sees productivity, performance and profit increase again and again with her strengths-based approach

Keynote speaker

No one wants a speaker who bores the audience or leaves them feeling like they wasted their time.  Maggie’s approach is fun, information, interactive and  completely designed for the needs of the audience


Harris Strengths Consulting

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